TZM India Chapter has 2300 registered supporters (and growing), with 700+ members in Facebook groups and pages. However, not all supporters are activists. Here’s why.
Supporters are people who resonate with, and subscribe to, the ideas of the movement. They keep themselves updated on TZM India’s activities through regular mailers sent by the Indian Chapter from time to time. They also do their bit by spreading the word and engaging in discussions/interactions on forums like TZM India’s Google Group, Facebook Group, etc.
Activists on the other hand, are people who are regularly and proactively ‘active’, whether on ground or online, towards the movement’s various initiatives. They conduct screenings,  distribute DVDs, translate and/or proofread, present talks and lectures, contribute their communication, design and web skills, hold member meets, and most importantly, connect the  right supporters to the right projects.
Needless to say, both supporters and activists are crucial to the movement.
Find an Activist
A diverse number of people have volunteered to be activists for TZM, and contact points for other supporters in their cities/areas. Here’s where you can locate a TZM activist near you if you wish to collaborate, share ideas, ask questions, or just have a chat. We look forward to seeing your name show up on this list soon. Good luck!
Be an Activist
If you’d like to contribute only as a supporter, no problem you’re already on our mailing list! (Not on the list? Register yourself on the right column.)
However if you’d like to be an activist, and therefore a contact point for other TZM supporters in your city who wish to collaborate with you on ongoing projects, you can share your contact details here. NOTE: Your information will be available to anyone that visits this website.
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